Many Questions Can Be Answered by Exploring our Website

Many Questions Can Be Answered by Exploring our Website

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Why Would I Want a Covert Case?

Like the old saying goes, out of sight, out of mind. In todays society it is desirable to conceal the transport of a firearm or other items. Whether it be social judgement, potential thievery, or just undesired attention, our cases let you blend in. They are perfect for storage and transportation and are sure to get lots of attention once you open them and none when they are closed!

Are Covert Cases Legal?

YES our cases are legal in ALL STATES! Some states require a lock when transporting firearms and the Hard Guitar Cases and the Ukulele Case have one built into the latch. The Soft Case can have a small luggage lock attached to the zipper handles. The Amplifier Cases have a built in combination locking latch.

Do the Cases Come with the Firearms and Accesories Pictured?

NO! We do not sell firearms or accesories, only empty cases. All cases are supplied “blank.” They are full of foam and must be customized by the buyer. See our How to Customize page for details.

Do You Sell the Foam Lining Separately?

Yes and No. If you have purchased a case from us we can offer you replacement inserts. If you already have a guitar case, even if it “looks” like one of ours, we can almost guarantee you our insert will not fit properly and will not offer you adequate levels of protection. Unfortunately manufacturers of guitar cases greatly vary the dimensions of their products as there is no “standard” design. Getting the proper fit to the sides of the case as well as the overall thickness of the material is crucial to providing the levels of protection needed to products with significant weight like firearms and fragile items like optics.

How Do I Keep My Sights Zero While Removing It?

We suggest using a high quality quick detachable scope mounting system that has a return-to-zero guarantee.Leupold makes one that will return to 1/2″ of zero at 100 yards, we have tested it, it really works. American Defense Manufacturing offers a nice mount for the AR15 platform that was independently tested to hold under an inch at 100 yards. There are MANY more on the market, these are just some options.

Can I Use this Case for Long Term Storage?

YES! For long term storage we highly recommend placing any firearms with a “blued” finish in a silicone treated gun sock before placing inside the case. This will make sure that the finish is not damaged from years of having foam pressed against it.