​Behind the Scenes at Our Production Facility

Close up of the serrated foam.

The smell created while sawing an amplifier circut
board in half is very odd…

A critical part of making our custom foam inserts sit properly is to remove the existing case foam. A tight and level fit offers the best protection for your valuable items inside. Once the interior is flat and the neck brace is removed, we re-attach the interior velour lining for a factory looking case when you take your inserts in and out.

One of our main goals is to prevent our cases from catching the eye of an onlooker. Most of our cases require new, shorter hardware be installed to mantain a covert factory appearence.

After many, many hours of development we now have patterns for each piece of foam. Each layer is painstakingly traced by hand, one at a time.

On the right is the rough cut made with an Electric Carving knife to release the tracing from the sheet of foam, and on the left is the nice smooth cut made with our Bandsaw.

We use a bandsaw blade for cutting the foam. It is thin to allow us to make the tight radius curves and the blade is specifically designed for our purposes. This provides a much cleaner cut than can be achieved at home.

These are the completed foam cut-outs for a Dreadnought Double Guitar case that are waiting to be glued together to form the two “trays” inside. See the smooth cut made by our special bandsaw? Don’t try this with a carving knife!